Equipment and Features


Take your TV Enjoyment to a New Level

DISH packages include cutting edge technology, ensuring the highest definition quality available for satellite entertainment. With Dish Network, you get access to hundreds of channels, and with Dish equipment, we make sure all of those channels have crisp audio, crystal clear video, and feature-rich options like DVR, easy-to-navigate user menus, and more. All of our Dish deals and TV packages come equipped to bring your television viewing experience to a brand new level.


Entertainment Anywhere with Dish Everywhere

With DISH Anywhere, you can enjoy satellite TV wherever you. Dish Anywhere is a free mobile application available to Dish subscribers that allows you to tap into your favorite television shows, movies, sports events, and more, all through a compatible smart phone or tablet. Hours of HD quality video and audio are at your fingertips, wherever you are.


Entertainment Anytime with The Hopper

Record hundreds of hours of high definition audio and video with The Hopper, Dish's whole-home HD DVR solution. Rewind, play back, and store streams from up to 5 sets in the home. Manage libraries of content with the press of a button, and set timers to record your favorite broadcasts while you're away. You'll never miss another second of your favorite satellite television broadcasts again. With Hopper smart DVRs are a reality.


Looking for a Show? Just Ask.

DISH's mobile app does more than just stream broadcasts. You can even use it to find the latest television and movies that you're interested in checking out. With voice commands and a smooth interface that makes finding and adding content to your Hopper's schedule a breeze, Dish is giving subscribers even more ways to get more, watch more, and enjoy more, all without paying more.

Obscure TV’s Most Advanced HD DVR system ever.


With Obscure Store you can put your TV anywhere. No more drilling walls and woodwork.


Forget about recording conflicts. Genie records up to five shows at once—any time, any channel, in glorious HD.


Start watching a show in your living room, pause it, and pick it up anywhere else—even in your backyard.