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Every day, thousands of cable subscribers look at their bills, and wonder why they go up, month after month. Every day, those subscribers are making the switch to DISH – compare Dish's monthly packages and premium features, and you'll make the switch too. With Dish, you can get access to thousands of hours of high quality content and entertainment at the touch of a button. From the best in live television and sports events, to OnDemand libraries with your favorite series, blockbuster movies, and more, DISH is leading the way for home entertainment.

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The Best in Satellite Entertainment Packages Amazing Deals for Agency Subscribers

You could be saving big time on your monthly bill when you make the switch to Dish. Customers in Agency could slice their bill down by as much as half, and they're doing it with Dish Network's outstanding selection of TV packages. With plenty of options that let you watch your favorite channels, movies, and sports events, all at a price that doesn't break your monthly budget, Dish makes it simple to pick the package that's right for you. More importantly, Dish doesn't try to bloat your bill with channels you'll never watch. We'll leave that to the cable companies.

Watch Anytime with The Hopper Record Hundreds of Hours of HD Television

Want to get even more out of your satellite television package? DISH makes it happen with The Hopper, a whole home HD DVR solution that allows subscribers to record from up to five different televisions at once. You can watch all of your favorite shows and movies, and rewind to watch them again. Pause whenever you need to, and resume when you're ready. It's all about putting control back into your hands. The Hopper smart HD DVR service comes for free with various Dish Network TV Deals.

Take DISH Anywhere You Go Our Smart Mobile App

Want to watch your favorite shows while you're away from home? Now you can, with DISH Anywhere, a mobile application that's free to subscribers. Register many different mobile devices with your DISH account, and you'll be able to download and watch streams from your HD DVR Hopper, schedule shows to record while you're away, and browse hundreds of different titles available in your library of content. DISH Anywhere makes it easy to take your satellite television with you, wherever you go.

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The Best Customer Support Around #1 with Consumers, Hands Down

With DISH Network TV subscriptions, you also get access to our team of thousands of trained, professional, and friendly customer support professionals that are always ready to help you, 24/7. No more waiting on hold for hours, and no more difficult schedules for service – Dish will be there to answer any questions that you might have about your bill, replace any faulty equipment, or provide you with in-depth technical support that will ensure a much smoother viewing experience that you would find with cable.

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